Want to know more?

Where are we from? 
The core of the store is based out of California, but we work with people all over the world! Our products are produced in Michigan. 

What are the stores return or exchange policy?
Due to the nature of our store, we can't do returns or exchange. However, if there is an issue with your order at our fault (the wrong size received or the wrong item altogether) please message us on our contact page. No need to send the item back, but we promise to make it right!

Do we accept international orders?
Absolutely! However, shipping time and costs will reflect that! Also, all international sales are final. Unfortunately, we do not ship to the following countries: Cuba, Falkland Islands, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, and Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Our orders are typically in production for 3-8 days. Add that to shipping time 1-8 days for domestic and 2-4 weeks for international. If you do not receive your order within that time frame, please message us on our contact form so we can make it right. 

What if you need a rush order?
Unfortunately, we do not produce our products in house, so we do not have a way of determining this. However, if it is a concern, feel free to message us on our contact page to see if your order could arrive on time. 

What if you want us to help raise money for your upcoming surgery?
Head over to our contact page and let us know! Make sure to put "Surgery" in the subject line. The only requirements that we have are that you are 18+, trans or gender non-conforming, and have a surgery date. Let us know what your need is as well! As of now, we will only have one scholarship going on at a time, but plan to change that in the future. 

Can I put my art on your shirts?
Absolutely! We would love to partner up with some artists, especially from the LGBTQ+ and our supporters. Message up on our contact page with "artist" in the subject line.