Justin (company owner)

Justin is a 28 year old trans man residing in Ohio. He began his medical transition in 2015, having undergone top surgery that year (July 2015) and his first stage of phalloplasty three years later (November 2018). Justin knows all too well the incredible struggles that can come with being trans. His experiences in his transition opened his eyes to the true need in the trans community for someone just to genuinely care for those who are facing rough times. He wanted to become part of something bigger than his transition alone. He began Transpired Apparel in hopes of alleviating the pain of his trans siblings, even if just a little, by helping with financial hardships that are often a major obstacle to transitioning.


Caleb (content creator, marketing manager)

Caleb is a 25 year old trans man based in New Hampshire who began medical transition in 2015. He has undergone both top surgery (November 2016) and bottom surgery (June of 2019). From the beginning, Caleb struggled to obtain the reliable information that is necessary for making educated decisions about surgeries and other important parts of transition. All of his knowledge came from strictly the internet, and mostly from interacting with other trans folks. This experience gave him an intense desire to be a resource in the trans community so that others might have an easier time finding support and information in the future. This led to an aspiration to, some day, help other people like him who not only are starved of information, but also struggle financially as well. There are so many in the community that struggle with the monetary aspect of transitioning because of lack of insurance coverage, transportation, etc. Caleb met Justin, the founder of Transpired Apparel, in 2019 and immediately knew that it was where he was meant to begin being the change he wanted to see.